The bedroom is our private sanctuary. Aside from sleeping, it is a place where we can rest our tired and weary mind after a day’s full of stress and problems. It is a place where we want to be alone when we want to think of something. So having nice and well-designed bedroom is important. And Iit does not apply to the design but to the stuff that is inside, specially your bed.


Nowadays, a lot of people are putting much effort on making their bedroom as comfortable as possible and getting the right can of bed is a top most priority. If you are looking into getting a new bed for your newly designed bedrooms, look into these types of bed.


  1. Canopy

If you want to feel like a princess or a royalty, then canopy bed is just for you.  This decorative bed design can add curb appeal to your bedroom. You can add ornate or decorative fabric to make it more princess-like. You can also decorate the posts if you want to.


  1. Poster bed or four poster beads

Poster beds are designed with four vertical columns. This is an old bed design you can see on traditional homes. Most poster beds have bed headboards with intricate designs carved by the maker. The columns can also be ornate or decorated. Nowadays, you can see a lot of modern take on this classic bed design.


  1. Sleigh bed

The sleigh bed design took its design from, yes, the open sleign. This is another classic design that you can see on old French townhomes. The design dates back to 19th century wherein beds are intricately designed. The curved or scrolled design is the trademark of this bed.


  1. Panel bed

Panel beds is made out of flat panel woods and designed with a headboard and a footboard. This bed design is ideal for bedrooms with minimalistic approach. The design is favoured due to its simplicity and classic style. You can either paint or wood-stain your panel bed depending on the style that you want.


  1. Platform bed

This is most common bed you see nowadays on modern homes. The base of the bed is raised to provide ventilation and promote air circulation. Although the style looks simple and minimalistic, there are a lot of bed makers who create modern and contemporary platform beds to suit the taste of the buyer.

Remember that you bed can make or break the design of your room, so choose wisely. You can check out more bed designs at