If truth be told, the best and most feasible answer to the affordable housing void that exists today is that of the construction and utilization of residential modular buildings. Back in the days, experts suggested that the answer to this problem lies in mobile homes. However, with the passage of time, these have mostly been written off as being a very low class option. Now, there is an increasing interest amongst the masses in modular buildings, which is why we see so many modular building manufacturers these days.


When it comes to modular buildings, these can be multi-storied or even single tenements modular homes. This residential option can also be used for hostels and dormitories. Just so you know, a major reason behind the popularity of modular homes and prefabricated houses South Africa manufacturers is that these are custom made as per the needs of the client. The best part is that these are built in a highly controlled environment inside a factory. Once the manufacturing part is done with, the house is then shipped off to the site in different modules. After the transportation is completed, the modules are then used to build a permanent foundation. These homes are so lucrative for the simple reason that these offer the assurance of having a quality home at a reasonable price.


In order to ascertain quality, modular homes are put through detailed inspections all through the construction process. Considering that this calls for the utilization of lesser contractors, there are lesser overhead expenses involved too, which makes these homes a very cost-effective option. If truth be told, the prices of these homes are usually fixed, so the buyers are already aware of the prices. Most importantly, these homes have the potential to withstand the worst of weather conditions as well.


The most economical housing option

People these days are a lot more interested in modular homes for the simple reason that these are extremely economical. Compared to traditional homes, the preparation of these homes in factories is known to cost at least 15% less as compared to homes that are built on site. The best part is that the design quality of modular homes has also been through a major advancement and betterment in the past couple of years. For this reason, it is safe to say that apart from being economical, prefabricated homes are aesthetically pleasing as well.