Installing a CCTV camera is neither rocket science, nor it is a walk in the park. You need to have proper knowledge of how to install electronic appliances and gadgets to be able to comfortably install the surveillance system at your home. This article will provide you easy steps to install CCTV camera without any hassle. You may also reach cctv abu dhabi to know more about the installation process.


  • Pre-Installation Planning

Before you install the CCTV camera, you need to be sure of its position, angle, height, and other aspects so as to benefit the most from it. First of all, choose the right spot for erecting the camera. Choose a place which provides maximum coverage and requires minimum cable length. The less size of the cable will result in better video quality. When installing a CCTV camera indoors, always look for the room which has the most entry points and install the camera on the point which gives you the best view of those entry points. Make sure that a power socket is nearby the point of installation. If you’re installing a CCTV camera in the outdoors, try to position it as high as possible, which will give you the option to cover door, window approaches, and garages. As per the industry experts, a CCTV camera should be installed above 10-feet height. This will keep your surveillance system out of the reach of any assailant or robber.


  • Mark Spots Before Drilling

Before you put the CCTV camera into its place, make sure that you have marked the holes where you want the screws to be fixed. Once you have marked the holes, use the drill machine to make holes and hammer to properly fix the screws into the moldings with the CCTV camera. Screwing the camera in place firmly is the last step. After fitting the device on the wall, you may insert the power cable into the socket to turn it on.


  • Placing the DVR

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the place where a CCTV camera saves all its recordings. It has a hard disk which is used to save the data recorded from the camera. It is advised to keep your DVR in a locked room or compartment so that nobody has an easy or direct access to the precious data.


  • Turn on the Surveillance System

It is time to turn your CCTV cameras on. Once you turn the cameras on, it will give you view of the surroundings on your monitor and save it on the DVR which can be set up by following the user manual guide provided with it. You may access each camera’s feed to ensure they are functioning properly.


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