Are you a homeowner who wants to start building your own garden? Are you a high school student who is looking for an enjoyable career to go into? Do you consider yourself an avid fan of the environment, its serene aesthetics, and how calming it is to people?

Landscape architects and professionals are important in designing houses and gardens. However, being a landscapist involves so much more than picking the flowers, shaping the shrubs, and generally maintaining a garden in public or private spaces.

What do landscaping professionals really do? Here are three areas they focus on.


This area deals with the softer side of landscaping: the plants, the flowers, and the soil. As you know, there are millions of types, shapes, and sizes of plants and flowers to choose from. In relation, choosing the right soil type is critical, too. After all, a landscape artist has to consider the plants that won’t kill one another when grouped in one plot. Whether the flower blooms for a day, only during summer, or year-round is also a factor in designing the land in your garden or in public parks.

With the millions of plant and soil combinations to choose from, it’s amazing how experienced landscape professionals also figure out the right color scheme that will fit and even complement a house or building. Will those yellow bells look beautiful on a trellis by that red brick wall? Are white flowers ideal for a tiny blue bungalow? These tiny details may seem trivial but your landscapist do think of every little things to make sure your backyard looks picture perfect.


Experts in landscape companies Dubai homeowners recommend also work on hardscapes. While softscapes deals with movable elements, hardscapes involve stones, rocks, patios, and driveways in your house. Will this aggregate material complement the grain of your cabin in the forest? Will this charming patio look well with a small gazebo in the corner of your estate? These solid elements also bring weight to your garden, and they’re considered important in designing the space outdoors.

Landscaping professionals balance both elements of design in creating and maintaining a garden that’s pleasing to the eyes, calming to the mind, and enchanting to the heart. With their knowledge and experience, they will bring harmony to the chaos that is your bare backyard.

Pool Design

Apart from the hard and soft gardening elements, pool design is also a landscape concern. Landscaping companies can design your pool and choose the right shape, size, and even the color of the water if you want them to. They make sure the pool blends in with the rest of the garden, unless, of course, you want your beloved swimming pool to be the centerpiece of your wide backyard.

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