The world that we live in these days deems it necessary for both parents to work in order to make ends meet. This can make the children feel extremely lonely with time. While parents care a lot, there is literally not much that they can do to help out in this regard. Work pressure and the fear of getting sacked do not allow them to spend a little extra time with the little ones except the holidays. The father and the mother have to go to their respective offices so who will take care of the child at home?

There is no way at all that you can leave your child along at home. Things can get rather tough in this regard if there are no other family members as such to look after the children. This is where day care nurseries come to help. You can send your child to a nursery day care and relax knowing that your children are being managed by thorough professionals.

Your child is precious to you and sending them to a daycare nursery is itself heartbreaking to parents. Selecting the right one also adds on to the headache. Here are few things that you should consider while choosing the right day care nurseries in Dubai for your child.

Are there enough staff members to manage all the children?

Make sure that the staff to children ratio is fine – the greater the better. The staff members must be qualified to take care of children and have experience in handling children.

Acquire information about the safety measures they have in place

Has the nursery put in any efforts in ensuring the safety of the children by means of CCTV surveillance, and have a sign in sign out policy? They should never leave the children unsupervised at any cost any time.

Go through their fee structure

While finding an extremely good day care nursery is extremely important, it should certainly suit your pocket too.

What if one of the children is sick?

Do they take special care of him/her at the chosen nursery in jumeirah village circle? Or do they let them stay with the other children. This can be a serious problem. Diseases can be communicable and affect other children. Also ensure they have good medical facilities – How do they respond in case of emergencies? There should be fire precautions and all the staffs must know their drill.

The most important task of all is to take your child for a visit to the day care nursery you are interested in and find out whether they like it or not, because ultimately it’s them who would be staying there.