People who have lesser space in their room but they want to have more space on their beds in Dubai then they will have a wide variety of such beds to choose from. Mostly these beds are used for the students or for kids who are sharing a same room. These beds also need to have different mattresses and you have to know about the bed furniture Dubai. Here is a guide for you to know about these beds if you are interested in buying one:

Captains: These beds are called captains because they have a lot of storage space in such a little area. They have few storage shelf at the headboard side on which you can have your books or have your kids’ toys or any other décor you need to have. Also these beds have a storage area under the bed to store bigger things like clothes, bed sheets, quilts or any other thing.

Day bed: These beds are very convenient especially for people who are single and living in a studio apartment. They will occupy very less space because at day you can make it a couch but at night or during the day naps you can take out the lower part of the couch and make a bed out of it. You can have this in any size according to the space available at your apartment. It can be made from any material but be careful to get from a good and well reputed store.

Bunk bed: These are the most famous bed types for kids’ rooms and in the kids’ hostels. They occupy the space of a single bed while having the capacity of two or more single beds. In this type of bed there are two or more single beds are arranged over one another. There are built in stairs or you can have separate stairs to make more space in your room. In this type of bed the lowest part of the bed in bigger than the upper parts in order to support fully and you can also get the lowest part for two kids to accommodate more kids in lesser space. These beds also have some storage space under them. You can also order to have shelves at the side of the bed for decoration items and for books.