Turning an offline store into an online one seems easy. After all, you don’t have to maintain a physical store and pay bills. Well, even if you have the passion for cooking or baking, you are not the only one who have thought of the same thing. Ecommerce is a diverse and competitive world. Before anything else, you need a good ecommerce website, an efficient packaging, and a reliable shipper. You must also think about your compliance with the regulations of your local health department. Apart from these, here are some tips to consider in selling food online:

  1. Make checkouts simple.  You need to make sure that the checkout process is simple. If not, the potential buyer usually leaves without buying anything. You are then left with email follow ups about the cancelled purchase.
  2. Take great photos. An online bakery cannot present aroma and texture to its potential clients. The key to attracting potential buyers is to post clear, beautiful photos of your products. Visually convey your products’ deliciousness to your audience. They should be well-lit, clear, and in focus. Each shot should be appealing to anyone who visits your website. You can hire a professional who can take the photos for fifty dollars or less for every image. You can also ask a friend or a relative and barter your products for their photography skills. Better yet, you can invest in a photo editing software and a digital camera. This way, you can take the photos yourself.
  3. Let everyone know. Spread the word about your food. It’s cost effective to do so via Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Foursquare if you have a physical store. Emailing newsletters to your customers is also one way to announce your new products or freshest concoctions. It always helps to include clear, vibrant pictures in your emails and social media posts.  Also, take time to reach non-profit organizations and offer your goods for free during fund-raising activities. This is an ideal means to let people sample your products.
  4. Price properly. If you have an offline store and your product costs 30 USD, you should not price it the same way in your online store. You must consider the overhead, packaging, labor, and the costs of shipping. After all that, mark it up so that you can profit without making your customer feel bad about the purchase. It is always tempting to tell your customers that you can ship for free. If you want your business to last long, you need to charge the customer for all the costs.
  5. Package and ship well. It is vital that your products be shipped in a day or two days at most. Even shelf-stable, pre-packaged food items should be delivered properly and promptly. Id the items are meant to be gifts, then they should have very attractive packaging. You can allow your products to go through two-day deliveries at most during the cold months. During summer, you need to opt for overnight shipping.

Ecommerce is highly competitive. You can easily become disheartened if you do not know what to do. It is always best to think your strategies over and to optimize your products before you dive into the world of ecommerce. With the right attitude, you can easily become a household name in no time.