If you’re one of those people who thought long term and planned ahead by writing a last will and testament, congratulations! You have been wise, and your future and the future of those you leave behind will be brighter. By thinking ahead, you can ensure the financial security of your family, in the unfortunate case of your accidental or unexpected death. God forbid that happens, but you can never be too sure. It’s best to be prepared.


The truth is, however, that it doesn’t end with that. Some people may be under the impression that once you’ve written your will, you’re all set. Not completely. Even after you’ve written and legalized your will, you will have to periodically review it and revise it, with the help of an attorney who specializes in wills in Abu Dhabi.


Here are a few reasons why:


New people


People come and go. A new set of friends may come into your life, and you may have new kids. Some people may be out of your life too. As they say, change is the only certainty in life. To account for all these changes, you will have to revisit and revise your will. You will have to go over it again to make sure that it is worded correctly to account for all your new children as well.


New country

You may have drafted your will in one country, but decided to migrate to another country. That move will require you to revise your will entirely. You may have sold all your properties in the former country you lived in, and gained new assets in your current country of residence. These details will have to be fixed.


New spouse

You may or may not have a new spouse, but a divorce or separation is cause enough to change a few things in your last will and testament. You will have to account for your new spouse and the children you have with them, and decide whether or not you wish to leave the provisions regarding your former spouse intact.


New charities

You may wish to account for a charity that would receive a portion of your assets. This is not uncommon, especially for people who did not have any family or close relatives. It’s also not unheard of from philanthropists who give to various charities and foundations regularly. If you want to account for one, you will have to revise your will.


New perspective

You may have had a change of heart and simply want to change the contents of your will. It’s your prerogative and no one can hold it against you. A new perspective in life can influence many of our decisions, and a revision in your will is just one of those.


Making changes to your will is not as simple as deleting this and replacing that. Since it is a legal document, you will need the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that the correct process is followed and nothing is amiss. To hire the services of a qualified lawyer, go to legalinz.com.