As an employee, workspace is where we spent most of our waking hours. We are haul on our sits most of a good eight to nine hours in front of our computers or getting our brains worked up during meetings and brainstorming sessions.

More often than not, we felt the drag even before the shift ends. And we you looked around, all you see are plain white walls. Definitely not an inspiring sight for many.  There are studies that indicate how the design of a workplace can make or break the performance of employees. According to a study published in Scientificjournals, a lot of people spent 50% of their lifetime indoors which influence their mental state and performance. Based on the findings of this study, factors like lighting make a huge impact on employees perform.

This is why a lot of modern businesses like Google and Microsoft make an effort to give their employees a workplace they can thrive. They hire credible Abu Dhabi architecture firms to ensure that every corner of their workspaces will give their subordinates a place they can get inspiration and be productive. If you are an employer looking into improving the performance of your company, take notes of these spaces and give your workspaces a much needed revamp.


  1. Adidas, Germany Headquarters

Dynamic work setting is the name of the game. And in Adidas, they take it pretty seriously. The Germany HQ  designed by ACTINCOMMON promotes openness and adaptability. It gives the employees the experience of being free and not confined in four walls of the office. They can socialize and enjoy interaction with other employees.


Talking about finance can be a bit of a drag. But not if you are in the office. The workspace is outlined with majestic interiors that would like one feel like a king. And the play of colours in the workspace make the place feel homey and at the same time welcoming.

  1. Sky

When it comes to design, the largest entertainment company in London gave competition a run for their money. True to its brand, the Sky office doesn’t have artificial lights. Instead, they maximize the natural light with the grid of skylights.

  1. McCann World Group, Madrid

The global advertising company definitely need something to encourage wit and creativity. The Madrid headquarters speaks of collaboration and freedom. Large communal spaces allows creative discussions amongst employees.

  1. Lego Headquarters, Denmark

Of course, last but not the least is the new Lego Headquarters in Denmark.  The design is based from a small town in Denmark, the office space reeks with creativity. The design allows worker to collaborate and be playful since they are selling something that should be fun!

Still need some convincing? Talk to the best engineering consultants Dubai and they will definitely anted up your workspace.