Wall Cladding Ideas You Can Do For Your Home

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Wall cladding is not only for exterior use but for interior use as well. It can add a much needed texture and design to any space in your home. A lot of aluminium facade companies in UAE can offer different cladding materials that can spice up your space.

If you are thinking of doing some revamp in your home interior, these cladding ideas might be able to help decide which cladding design would best fit the design that you want:

  • Artsy and Gallery-like

If you are into arts and graphic design, then do not be afraid to experiment with the claddings. You can mix up aluminum composite panels with other cladding materials to get the desired look. Aluminum is great since you can design and paint it whatever color you want. But do not go overboard with the design. Be sure that the installation will done artfully but tastefully as well. Combination of materials and art can be a bit tricky so be careful on how you will marry the concepts.


  • Modern and minimalistic

If you into a sophisticated and modern look, than having a tile cladding with modern touch would be the best choice. Unlike the artsy concept, you might have to restrain using bring colors and opt for neutral and cool colors to achieve the look. If you are keen on inserting some colors and not go monotone, be sure it still it will complement with the design and color palette that you are using.


  • Wooden and rustic look

A rustic haven can bring coziness to space. The ideal cladding to use for this kind of design would be wood cladding. Wood can bring that rustic and country feel to any space. Choose the right kind of wood you think can match well with the design. If you are not keen into using natural wood, there are PVC cladding that is designed and look very much like wood. They can visually bring that countryside feel you desire for your interior.


  • Stone build

If you want something splendid for your space, an interior stone cladding might work to your advantage. Natural stone cladding can bring that grandness to a space and also a Zen feel which can send a feel-good vibe to any space. The stone color comes in different sizes and colors. You can choose based on the design that you want.

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