Establishing Brand Awareness through Corporate Giveaways

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Do you work in a small firm in the city? Have you been with a multinational company for at least five years? Are you the boss of your own startup? No matter where you work, perhaps you’ve noticed how a company gives the highest value to its name, logo, and even company colors. Some companies even have their own branding team, a group of people who oversees and sets brand standards that everyone in the company should at least be aware of.


After all, you need to establish a brand and aim to make it a household name for a successful venture. When you hear a certain established brand, say, for sports apparel, you can envision its logo and brand colors, and even think of positive associations to its name.


Whether you’re an employee, manager, or executive, did you know that you can help your brand to make an impact in the market? A great way to spread the word on a company is to make it visible, salient through advertising and other marketing strategies. One such strategy is to give away corporate or branded items. Here are general categories of corporate giveaways that can help you establish your brand.



Clothing items are popular as corporate giveaways. After all, people travel and commute every day, and when they’re wearing a branded item, they act as mobile advertisers for their company. You do see people wearing shirts, jackets, and even bags with their company logo and colors, right? Some companies with funds even give away corporate branded wristwatches to their employees. You can consult UAE wholesale clothes suppliers and get a quote on their services.



While not every company can set aside a budget for corporate branded gadgets, this is a good idea for establishing prestige and spending power. There are calculators, smartphone covers, and wearables that include the company’s logo and colors, after all. People in major cities worldwide can barely keep their phones in their pockets, so imagine how many people can see your employee’s branded gadget with your logo when he or she is on the train or bus.


Personal Items

Apart from clothes and gadgets, personal items are also great vehicles for subtle advertising. It’s common to see mugs, tumblers, and coffee cups with a company logo. Other personal items include pens, wallets, and even sports bags that people use every day. When your employee moves to a new address with the help of relocation companies in Dubai, he or she will be surprised at how many company branded personal items he or she has collected through the years.


Consider these corporate giveaway ideas to establish and grow your brand and in the long run become a successful business person or colleague.

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