A Landlord’s Checklist: Things to Do After Tenants Move Out

Posted by admin on March 2, 2017 in Cleaning Services |

Contracts end. That one-year lease term has a termination date, and unless your tenant wants to renew the contract, it’s time for them to move out and for you to find new tenants to move in, to keep a continuous source of income. Between the moving out of old tenants and moving in of new tenants, however, is the preparation of the unit. You want your apartment unit to be ready for its new occupants. You want it to be in the best state possible, completely erasing all traces of the previous residents.

Here are three things that should be on your checklist:

Deep Cleaning

No matter how orderly the unit was left by the old tenants, it’s your responsibility to hire dubai ac duct cleaning services in Dubai, just to make sure everything’s in good working order. Those kitchen counters and bathroom tiles may have accumulated some stubborn dirt. Get rid of those before you even consider renting out the unit again. No possible tenant will settle for a unit that hasn’t been taken care of. After all, tenants these days want move-in ready apartments.


Repairing Broken Furniture

hvac cleaning dubai aren’t the only service providers you need to contact to prepare your unit for a new tenant. You also need to contact a furniture supplier for a replacement bed or cabinetry, in case repairs are not enough. When renting out an apartment, you want it to offer the best features, and a broken closet door simply will not attract tenants.

Paying Overdue Bills

The previous tenants might have left some bills unpaid, or have some delinquent accounts that may cause problems for the new tenant. Settle these before having the new tenants move in, so that they will know you are a responsible landlord. You want to avoid causing trouble for them in the form of solicitors knocking on their doorstep asking for the old tenants. That may also reflect poorly on your property, so always check that the unit’s accounts are updated and paid on time.

Renting out your property is a source of income, but it’s one that comes with some responsibilities attached to it. As with any investment, you need to shell out some money for maintenance and services that ensure the environment is livable. Don’t waste money or time by trying to do all the maintenance yourself. Let professionals handle the specialized tasks, and concentrate on what you do best: managing your units.

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