Tips On Opening an Offshore Bank Account

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Setting up a business overseas require entrepreneurs to open a bank account on the jurisdiction where they want to form their company. But banking overseas is not as easy what you have been doing on your trusted local bank. There will be different banking processes and requirements that you need to fulfill.

If you are thinking of having a RAK offshore company formation in the future, here are some banking tips that might help you choose the right bank:

  • Opt for safe banking


You need to remember that the bank you will be choosing would house your profit money and capital. Given its importance, you need to pick a bank that offers more than lucrative banking deals but you need to take into consideration other factors like the process. There might be banking processes that is similar to your local banks but there will be differences. Be sure that the process is something that you are comfortable with.


  • Pick an established financial institution


Your bank’s reputation is major decision factor when scouting for a bank overseas. There are a lot of startup and small banks being formed in certain locations. The problem is, these new banking institution are yet to be tested and tried. It would be best to go for an overseas bank that is well-established and have a very good reputation in the banking industry. If you have a list of prospective banks, be sure to dig deep on their reputation and whether they have negative reviews and shortcomings to their clients.


  • Pick the right account


Aside from the financial institution, you also need to take into account the kind of savings account that you will be getting. This would depend on the type of account that you will be needing to set up your company. Check with your prospective bank if they are offering savings account for offshore companies.


  • Check their online flexibility


Since you are residing in different location, it would be hard for you to physically visit your overseas bank when you need to make a transaction. Due to your predicament, you need to find a bank that has a solid online banking features that enables you to make bank transactions whenever or wherever.


  • Consult with the experts


If you are having a hard time deciding which bank to pick, it would be best to ask your formation company. These service companies are connected to major banks and can give you good recommendations.

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