Common Questions About Caricature Artists Answered!

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If you would look at caricatures, you won’t see anything but humor, vibrancy, and creativity. Since we don’t know the people behind those artworks, many of us are curious about how caricaturists work, the drawing materials they use, and their creative drawing styles. To feed your interest, we have collected the common questions and answers about caricature artists below.


In an event, how many faces can a caricature artist draw?

There is no absolute number for this question since the drawing speed of caricature artists vary. On average, a caricaturist needs around three to five minutes per face. Based on this range, we can say than a caricature artist Abu Dhabi can draw more or less 15 faces in one hour.


What is the size of the paper caricature artists use?

Many caricature artists prefer using A3 paper (11×17) for their drawings. It is also the standard size for frames and photocopies.


What kind of drawing materials do caricature artists use?

Not all caricature artists use the same medium for their artworks. Some use soft lead sticks, black markers or charcoal, while the others use pastel color sticks or pen. When drawing caricatures live (especially during events), artists use Xyelene-based markers because they are smudge-proof and they dry quickly.


How many faces can caricature artists draw in one paper?

To achieve a high quality output, it is best to have maximum of three faces per artwork. This can help the artist focus on the details of each face since he/she no longer has to work on additional faces.


What kind of drawing techniques do caricature artists use on their artwork?

Some artists use exaggeration to emphasize certain facial features on their drawing. This is fine as long as the exaggeration is not malicious; since generally, caricatures are meant to be entertaining and humorous at the same time. Others have specific shading techniques to make their artwork look more appealing.


Do caricature artists require a certain type of setup or lighting in an event?

Basically, caricature artists need tables, their materials and good lighting during events so they won’t miss an important detail on the faces they need to draw. On the other hand, a digital caricaturist needs a tablet, mobile or computer setup.

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